Absolutely amazing voice, pitch strong and with a wonderful delivery” - Niklas Hansson, Talent Scout, Universal Music
Victoria's voice is a nimble voice, pure, strong but with a feathery texture to it. Just beautiful and beautifully recorded.....it just about tore my heart out.” - Tracy Grammer
[...Ms. Blythe's new album Silver Flyer] …..Stylistically, the almost all-acoustic album is an interesting mix of folk, some evoking the style of English groups like Fairport Convention,with other material ranging from jazzy ballads to soul-influenced. With this album highlighting Blythe's outstanding vocals more than the Calaveras recordings did, it's obvious that we have a major talent on our hands. She can be cool, have the detached cerebral sound of a Sandy Denny, or can do some jazzy ballads or torch songs, and even does an unexpected version of a funk tune….. Silver Flyer, the new CD from Victoria Blythe is an impressive solo recording.... On this record, her excellent vocals get an opportunity to be spotlighted. She has the subtle, supple alto that will remind some of Sandy Denny, and there are parts of this album that are reminiscent of the English folk scene of which Ms. Denny was a part. Ms. Blythe again works with her husband and Calaveras bandmate Greg Beattie, who wrote or co-wrote many of the songs. The mostly acoustic backing on the album is very tasteful, and fits in well with the various stylistic directions the album can take from the haunting sound of English folk to jazzy torch songs, all of which Ms. Blythe handles with aplomb. The result is an excellent album that has much to offer in terms of musical subtlety and depth. Our grade for sound quality is an "A," with a clean, warm sound on the acoustic instruments and an intimate sound on Ms. Blythe's vocals. Studio effects were minimal and the recording has a decent dynamic range, with a minimum of volume compression. Victoria Blythe may not exactly be a household name even among folk fans, but her new independently released solo album Silver Flyer has the potential to put her on the map as one of the outstanding current female folk-style vocalists on the scene. And her album makes for great listening.” - George Graham, WVIA-FM
Wonderful music, wonderfully performed” - Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
Blythe's voice is bright and airy and at times haunting in its clear delivery-like a cross between Paula Cole and Alison Krauss".”

— Powderfinger Music

James Brown Tribute Song and Video

On August 1, Universal Pictures will be releasing the James Brown biopic “Get on Up.”  In recognition of this event and for airplay in connection with it,  Victoria is releasing her cover of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” in advance of her jazz/R&B/pop album Silver Flyer, to be released later this fall. The song is just her sultry, nimble voice, dressed in nothing but a stand-up bass……check it out!


I Got You (I Feel Good) YouTube Video

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