Feel You in My Bones

Victoria Blythe
Greg Beattie


Feel You in My Bones


The taste of honey on my tongue

Doesn’t last for very long

But when I’m all alone

I think of what we’ve done

And I can feel you in my bones again


I don’t mind when the sky turns grey

I won’t cry if you walk away

Just tell me lies til dawn

so that when you’re gone

I can feel you in my bones again


Love is not the only reason

for a brief and dark liaison

We don’t need excuses to be here


In my world I’ll let you stay

For forever or just a day

And when I’ve had my fill

I’ll that you for the thrill

Close my eyes and feel you in my bones again, again


© Greg Beattie

James Brown Tribute Song and Video

On August 1, Universal Pictures will be releasing the James Brown biopic “Get on Up.”  In recognition of this event and for airplay in connection with it,  Victoria is releasing her cover of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” in advance of her jazz/R&B/pop album Silver Flyer, to be released later this fall. The song is just her sultry, nimble voice, dressed in nothing but a stand-up bass……check it out!


I Got You (I Feel Good) YouTube Video

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