Dancing With You All By Myself

Victoria Blythe
Greg Beattie, Victoria Blythe


Dancing with You


I’ve been keeping your letters under my pillow

I’ve been keeping my love up on the shelf

I’m happy tonight just passing the time

Dancing with you all by myself


I still remember the night we promised each other

Not to dance with anyone else

Now you know how I’m keeping that vow

Dancing with you all by myself


And the radio’s playing our favorite song

I close my eyes and you are kissing me

I’ve been missing you darling for oh so long

And I pray you are still missing me


So I’ll spin me around one more time slowly

To that melody we know so well

Til you are here, I’ll dream of you dear

And be dancing with you all by myself


© Greg Beattie and Victoria Blythe

James Brown Tribute Song and Video

On August 1, Universal Pictures will be releasing the James Brown biopic “Get on Up.”  In recognition of this event and for airplay in connection with it,  Victoria is releasing her cover of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” in advance of her jazz/R&B/pop album Silver Flyer, to be released later this fall. The song is just her sultry, nimble voice, dressed in nothing but a stand-up bass……check it out!


I Got You (I Feel Good) YouTube Video

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